ZOEWIE x mas tree

 Paper is our passion, and the main ingredient is our creativity
of turning gift-giving into something special ...

… after all, creativity is a way of life in the ZOEWIE Design Team.

Finding fashionable and lifestyle trends, playing with those and setting trends in conjunction
with trend agencies and designers all over the world – this is ZÖWIE!

Every new collection gives us the certainty of having successfully redefined creative limitations.
The ZÖWIE Design Team produces a strong flow of new designs (over 300 new designs annually)
and thus secures the essential competitive advantage as a Europe-wide market leader.

Of course we pass on the ZOEWIE design expertise to our customers!

We are confident that we will find a creative solution for your personal collection.

Our aim is to turn you into a satisfied and enthusiastic customer,
because our desire is to make your gift-wrapping dreams come true with a ZOEWIE collection
that meets your needs and provides you with a personalized logo if required.



Let us surprise you and be curious about our World, the World of Giving!