For us, the customer is the king

With this philosophy we supply our trading partners in over 60 countries
and the basis foundation for that is the continuous optimisation in the production
of our gift-wrapping paper.

All of our products are stored in the computer-controlled high-rack warehouse
until they are delivered. Up to 2,000 articles may be stored
in the 5,600 pallet locations at any one time.

Our state of the art roll sorting systems and storage technology mean
that the processing of the customer orders is fully automated.



Storage capacity: logistikApproximately 25,000 storage slots
Out of which approximately 5,600 can be found 
in the computer-controlled high-rack warehouse 
and approximately 16,000 are in block storage

11 Rollenwickelanlagen
4 Hülsenwickler
Total production of approximately 75 million rolls per annum.

 develops gift-wrapping paper of the highest print quality.
This requires both specialist expertise and state of the art technology.

Computer controlled gravure presses, constant quality tests and the commitment
and skill of our printing team ensure consistently high quality standards.


fertigungfertigung 2

Our production plants:

4 gravure presses, two 5-colour, one 6-colour and one 4-colour presses with a print output
of approximately 200 million running metres a year. 




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