cutlery pocket

ZOEWIE packaging ideas, upgrade your gift for singles or partners, don't be deceived, maybe the first packaging attempt has to be repeated? then better 2 sheets of ZOEWIE in stock. The ingredients: Gift wrapping paper from the great variety of ZOEWIE paper, double adhesive tape (available in different widths) a decorative element (spring) paper scissors wire and decorative tape as well as a good portion of positive thoughts.

Package with hemp twine

ZOEWIE-Verpackungsideen presents self-explanatory package packaging ideas, but beware, don't be deceived, what looks so simple also needs its exercise. The ingredients: Double adhesive tape (available in different widths) hemp cord and paper scissors make you want a gift wrap, of course with gift wrap paper from the great variety of ZOEWIE paper.

gift pillow

ZOEWIE packaging idea for the special "little things" as a sign of appreciation, stylishly packaged in a "cushion". Attention, don't be deceived, in the video the "letting go" looks so easy, but once the paper is placed on the self-adhesive tape, no one knows back. Ingredients: ZOEWIE-gift paper, double adhesive tape, paper scissors, wire and jewellery tape, positive thoughts and a little patience when tying the ribbon...


verpackungs ideen head en

ZOEWIE wrapping ideas, 
Creative packaging with “step by step” instructions ….

The ZOEWIE Design Team has put together a set of instructions
so that even the inexperienced can wrap their gifts creatively in a few easy steps.

Not only will you enjoy the three packaging ideas “box, pocket-envelope and candy cones”,
but whoever receives your gift will be equally delighted by it.


zoewie wrappingideas en 170x120pxwrapping ideas, creative packaging – “step by step”…!

Instructions from the ZOEWIE Design-Team
with do-it-yourself packaging ideas..

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