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15.08.2020 | Career
Top of the year – apprentice Jasmin receives special award from vocational school

Our colleague Jasmin completed her training as a media technologist in the field of printing technology as the best in her year. She completes her training at ZOEWIE with an excellent overall grade of 1.3. Especially in the practical exam, Jasmin stands out with her technical expertise paired with in-depth theoretical printing knowledge. The task of the exam was to produce a customer order. She mastered the entire printing process with flying colours and to the complete satisfaction of the customer – from mixing the colours and setting up the machine to setting the doctor blade for an optimal print image. Jasmin answered the examiner’s demanding questions with ease. She even completed the practical exam with a dream mark of 1.0. Ute Popp, member of the management at ZOEWIE, comments: “We are very proud to have such a great young woman in our ranks in Jasmin. She is a role model for all our trainees. Congratulations on this exceptional achievement!” Of course, Jasmin will continue to enrich the heart of our production. Only the way to the vocational school in Bamberg can be saved for her in the future.

What exactly does a media technologist do?

Media technologists not only set up the printing machines, they also monitor the entire printing process to ensure the quality of the end product. Of course, creativity must not be lost in all this precision. At ZOEWIE, you will work with one of the most modern flexographic printing systems in the world.

What do you have to bring along for the training as a media technologist?

You should have creative skills, enjoy working with computer technology and have technical understanding. You should also have the appropriate colour confidence to get the perfect recipe for your gift packaging.