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10.02.2021 | Social
2000 rolls of wrapping paper from Neustadt

The Zoewie company participates in the “Christmas in a Shoebox” campaign with a generous donation. This way, the parcels for needy children can be beautifully packed again this year.

Neustadt/Altenstein – The world’s largest gift campaign “Christmas in a Shoebox” is taking place again this year. This year, for the 25th time, the Good Samaritans are collecting beautifully wrapped gifts and distributing them to children from poor backgrounds, especially in Eastern Europe.

The packing stations are also supported by the Zoewie company from Neustadt. More than 2000 rolls with the equivalent of about 8000 linear metres of colourful Christmas wrapping paper were provided for the project, which will be used to supply nine different packing stations in Germany and Austria. “This way, the helpers won’t have to worry about sending the deliveries unpacked next year either,” says Erika Krell of the Christian Association of Young People (YMCA) Altenstein, expressing her thanks. Ute Popp, member of the management board, says: “For us as Zoewie employees, there is nothing better than looking into the beaming faces of children who are just unwrapping their presents. The fact that we can give many disadvantaged children moments of happiness through our donation to the Samaritans fills us with pride. After all, children in particular suffer during the Corona crisis due to the lockdowns and hygiene measures.”

In recent years, the campaign has enabled more than 8.5 million children from over 100 countries to look forward to receiving a filled shoebox. Until 16 November, the shoeboxes can still be handed in at the participating collection points, subject to compliance with the current hygiene measures. “It should be noted that the gift boxes are not only divided separately for girls and boys, but also into different age groups, namely from two to four years, from five to nine and from ten to 14 years, so that every child receives the appropriate gift,” says Krell. To ensure that no unsuitable things end up in the boxes, every single gift is looked through again by a staff member on site before it is sent out. Things like pens, toothbrushes or clothes are particularly popular. However, toys such as cars, dolls or footballs and skipping ropes should not be missing either. However, these must not be second-hand. “Not allowed are things like cash, medicines or fruit and vegetables,” says Krell.

The symbolic handover of the paper rolls took place at the YMCA e.V. leisure and conference centre in Altenstein. Under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Krell, countless presents have been wrapped and made ready for dispatch there every day for 18 years with the help of other helpers. Especially this year, and due to current events around the world, they hope for a growing participation of people from the region.

Article by Peter Tischer, NP Coburg, 09.11.2020