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15.02.2021 | Sustainability
Sugar cane paper – how waste is turned into wrapping paper

Wrapping paper made from waste? Is that possible? Yes! In 2021, we launched a wrapping paper made from waste from sugar production for the first time. Our upcycled paper made from rapidly renewable raw materials is thus a real alternative to classic “wood paper”. And guaranteed 100% tree-free.

How is sugar cane paper made?

The sugar cane is first harvested annually and then ground in sugar mills. This produces the juice used for sugar production on the one hand and the bagasse on the other. This is the fibrous residue that remains after pressing. The fibres are then processed into pulp to produce sugar cane paper.

Is sugarcane paper a sustainable alternative?

Sugarcane paper is a by-product of sugar production and consists of industrial waste that is recycled and reused. No bleaching agents, optical brighteners or dyeing chemicals are added to the sugar cane. In addition, sugar cane is a very fast-growing plant. No trees have to be felled for its extraction. Bagasse also does not require any additional cultivation area and the production requires less energy than conventional paper. One disadvantage is that sugar cane only grows in tropical or subtropical climates and therefore has to be transported a long way to get to Germany. A container that comes by ship from South America to Germany emits about as much CO2 as a lorry travelling from Barcelona to Hamburg in Europe. However, 78% of sugar produced worldwide is made from sugar cane and ends up in our food.

Where can I dispose of sugar cane paper?

Sugar cane paper can be disposed of in the normal paper bin. It is recyclable and can be reintroduced into the material cycle to make recycled paper. Did you know that our gift packaging is marked with the Grüner Punkt and the Resy label?

Are you convinced by sugar cane paper? Then take a look at our collections or make an enquiry for your individual gift packaging made of sugar cane paper!