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23.02.2021 | Sustainability
The roll without foil – the potential to revolutionise the market?

For the first time in the history of wrapping paper, ZOEWIE is launching a gift wrap roll that does not require any film wrapping at all. For a long time, the shrink film around the wrapping paper was considered indispensable packaging to ensure important protective properties until it reached our households, but this is now a thing of the past. The gift wrap roll now protects itself. With the help of a tear strip, a few centimetres of the paper can be torn off and then you can hold the roll in your hand, which you alternatively also hold in your hand when pulling off the foil wrapping. You find it hard to visualise? Just have a look at our YouTube channel!

How is the roll made without foil?

That, of course, remains our little secret. We can only say this much: it took years of development work in cooperation with our strategic partners. However, we are all the happier to be able to launch it on the market in 2021.

Where can I dispose of the roll?

Waste separation was yesterday. Of course, the paper and now also the packaging can be disposed of in the paper bin and returned to the material cycle to be made into recycled paper. Guaranteed 100% plastic-free. Of course, you are free to choose whether your packaging is made of recycled paper, grass paper or sugar cane paper from now on.

Did you know that our gift packaging is marked with the Grünen Punkt and the Resy label?

Are you convinced by our roll without film? Then take a look at our collections or make an enquiry for your individual gift packaging without plastic!