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23.01.2023 | General
New Christmas Collection 2023

Our new Christmas 2023 collection is ready!
Dear business partners, friends and interested people of our house,
Christmas is only four weeks ago, but we are ahead of our time. We are therefore pleased to present our new Christmas 2023 collection to you today. In this collection, we are once again showing the latest and most advanced gift wrappings of the new era. Whether wrapping paper or gift bags, all our packaging is lovingly coordinated with each other in terms of colour and motif. And of course we continue to live up to our philosophy, #give100%Future. Because with us you will find the widest range of papers with alternative fibres, whose production saves a lot of water, energy and CO2 emissions compared to virgin fibre papers. For example, our “Blue Angel” papers made from 100% recovered paper save 70% water and 60% energy compared to virgin fibre papers. Also experience our innovative and unique effect papers. Our gift wrappings with foam flock or glitter finishes not only delight the eye, but also the hands with a great 3D feel.

Climate-neutral production since 2023
For the first time this year, our production at our two locations in Neustadt and Sonneberg is climate-neutral. In addition to electricity from renewable energy sources, gas is another energy source that we need for drying our printing inks. However, the resulting CO2 emissions are fully compensated. For example, we support a project in which electricity is generated from mine gas from mining. This waste product escapes into the atmosphere even years after coal mines have been shut down. With the help of a combined heat and power technology, this gas is captured and converted into usable energy. Our general goal is to switch completely to energy sources from renewable energies. Until then, however, we are still dependent on a larger supply and corresponding energy infrastructure.

Did we arouse your interest?
Then take a look at our new Christmas 2023 collection and send us a non-binding enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!