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In 2015 ZOEWIE’s entire production is switched to certified paper.

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Christmas wrapping paper:
the WDR visits ZOEWIE

Die Sendung mit der Maus...

On 22.12.2019 the spectators could experience in the "Sendung mit der Maus" how a beautiful Christmas gift paper is made.

With drafts by the designer Mrs. Maierhöfer and the creation of the matching overall motif on the computer, the documentary on gift wrap paper production begins. Further film shots were taken at the gift wrapping paper manufacturer ZOEWIE and show how ZOEWIE know-how and printing techniques are used to create the finished gift wrapping paper from the designer's "endless picture", portioned on a roll for the trade.

We would like to thank the WDR for making the video available.


ZOEWIE Education

On the IHK-website ZOEWIE presents insights into the dual vocational training "Medientechnologe Druck" and industrial clerk. Our video presents the apprenticeship occupations very expressive.

IHK-Link: ZOEWIE-Education

We thank iTV-Coburg for providing the video.

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